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Electrical Circuit

Living in a rapidly developing Mongolia, customers need higher quality services. To suit those needs we have to provide reliable power/energy systems. As mentioned before we are providing various types of service including design development, power/energy equipment installation, maintenance, testing and etc. Our worldwide partners are Siemens, Schneider Electric, Ls Industrial, Samara, Lovato Electric, Sibel. Neu Kraft LLC is pursuing the following operations in the energy sector. 
   • Energy engineering solution and design development

   • Up to 0.4-110kW transmission line, substation distribution facility,  construction

   • Development, installation, testing, and adjustment of the integrated  supervisory control system  /SCADA/

   • Power supply of data center

   • Connection and installation of diesel generator

   • Supply, assembling, and installation of continuous power supply equipment

   • External and internal power supply

   • Assembling and installation of electrical equipment in mining sectors

   • Powerboard installation

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